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Things not looking too good for daughter in JC2 this year

Posted by White Group Mathematics on April 12, 2018 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (11)

Hi Mr Koh,

                  I came across your website while seeking someone to coach my daughter in H2 Maths. She is currently studying at TJC and will be taking her A Levels at the end of this year. At the present moment she has someone helping her with the subject but thus far she has failed in most of her tests and exams (since JC1). Quite frankly we are at a loss, because my daughter has been working very hard all this while, yet she isn't witnesing any significant improvement in her grades, which is rather discouraging. Will it be too late for her to catch up? Please do also advise with regards to your tuition fee rates, thanks.

Parent X


      Thank you for your inquiry. Your daughter is studying in a top tier junior college, understandably it will be a rollercoaster ride for her. Admittedly it may be demoralising to consistently experience setbacks in attempting to do well for the subject, however she mustn't lose sight of the ultimate goal which is to score decently in the upcoming A Levels. Her inability to achieve better grades at the present moment could be attributed to a variety of factors - poor math foundation, chronic carelessness, nerves during actual test sittings among others.

       That being said, there is certainly time left to salvage the currrent situation, then again I do need to personally review her work process to better discern the underlying troubles. To a certain extent, one might take comfort (not too much though) in the fact that each year numerous JC students have to endure this disheartening phase of their learning journey no thanks to schools who somehow feel inclined to set far higher standards internally as compared to that of the actual A Levels.

       I presently charge $ X /hr, do have a proper discussion with your daughter and keep me updated accordingly. Thanks and god bless.

Best Regards,

Mr Koh

Need a maths tutor for final month before A Levels

Posted by White Group Mathematics on September 28, 2016 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi Mr Koh,

                   I chanced upon your website online and I'd really like to engage you as my private tutor. I'm currently a JC2 student studying in SAJC. I know this is very last minute, but I really do need the help; in summary,  I've tried really hard to work on my Math, however I really don't see any improvements in my grades and I feel like I need someone to tutor me over this last month.

                   I'm currently living at MacPherson, near Taiseng MRT station and I'm willing to meet outside my home if it is more convenient for you. I will understand if you are completely packed and cannot accommodate any more students. Apologies for this late message. Please get back to me soon-thank you and have a nice day!

Student X


      Thank you for your message. Firstly, if you work with me, bear in mind I cannot produce short term miracles and more than a fair bit of effort has to be invested on your part to secure a reasonably positive outcome at the A Levels. Secondly, while commuting to your residence isn't an issue, I am pretty swarmed right now, so please undersand it is only fair I accord priority to my existing students schedule-wise.

       Thirdly, kindly note that a fee premium will be charged for extremely last minute engagements. If you still sincerely wish to set things in motion, give me a holler and we will take it from there. Peace.

Best Regards,

Mr Koh




Sixth Term Examination Paper II

Posted by White Group Mathematics on June 6, 2014 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi White Group Maths,

This is Student X here, a soon to be student of mathematics in university.

In about a month, I'm going to take the STEP II paper. In preperation for this, I've been doing practice questions since February, roughly 2 hours a day.

However, despite this practice... I feel no more confident than I did 3 months ago, and am quite worried. Do you have any advice on how to further prepare for this test? Or any tuition services to to suggest?

Thanks so much for the help.


Student X

Hi there ,


                 Thanks for writing. It is encouraging to know you have commenced preparations for the STEP paper way before the actual sitting itself; it is perfectly normal to feel shaky despite months of drilling, because STEP isn't your conventional A Level exam to begin with-it demands the candidate to constantly expect the unexpected, and to be able to conjure solutions bordering on ingenuity. Above all, the compulsory possession of a rock solid Mathematical foundation so as to nimbly navigate various kinds of twists and turns.


                 Your exposure to various genres of problems by virtue of the efforts invested since February should be considerable by now, however you do need to ask yourself these three questions:


1. What percentage of the paper did you manage to complete properly in recent attempts? Can things be improved? (Time management)


2. Do you tend to linger around a problem for way too long before moving on? Have you learnt to not allow frustration overwhelm the big picture? (Cutting losses)


3. Did you make it a point to acquire the underlying moral of the story for particularly intense problems? ( enhancing solving efficiency and becoming more elegant in solution design)



Just to add, unlike the A Level papers, you may not have the luxury of excess time at the end to verify the correctness of previous scripted answers, so you must tread carefully from the onset.


                       I doubt tuition is what you really needat this very moment-it's more about readying your state of mind for the big event. An extremely nervous constitution can wreak substantial damage to your performance on that day itself, so start conditioning yourself to be cool-headed (of course easier said than done, but it has to be done).Stop worrying about the final grade you will receive or the somewhat insurmountable difficulties lying in the immediate future, try to "enjoy" the process of conquering the paper instead.


                        And do remember to have an early rest on the night before the actual STEP examination. Good luck, and god bless.



Best Regards,

Mr Koh


Do you teach primary school maths?

Posted by White Group Mathematics on July 18, 2013 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear Mr. Koh,


I’d like to inquire whether you offer tuition for grade 6 (Primary 6) math.

My daughter currently attends an international school and is having great difficulty in math, especially with word problems.

If you do teach this level, how much is your rate and will you be willing to travel to Upper Bukit Timah area?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Best regards,

Parent X

Hi ,


           Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately I only teach junior college maths, so I am not able to help your child in that department. However, you may wish to check out another website owned by me which hosts the details of high calibre tutors whom you can contact directly at http://www.domainofexperts.com .  All the best, and have a good weekend. God bless.



Best Regards,

Mr Koh

Help: Quitting Polytechnic to join JC

Posted by White Group Mathematics on July 11, 2013 at 3:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Mr Koh,

                         I am writing to you today to seek more information in regards to your tuition services.First of all,let me first state down my personal information. I am 17 this year, and also was a student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic- Banking and Financial Services.I left the school after just 2 months there, mainly because i have lost interest in my course and wouldn't want to continue with that career path for the rest of my life. Due to my lack of research before the selection of my choices after my 'O' levels, I made a choice without giving it much needed thoughts. Additionally, I found it harder for polytechnic student to enter local universities,once again due to my lack of research,I made the wrong choice of picking a polytechnic over a JC as i have wished to enter NUS long before I have taken my 'O' level papers.Furthermore, i yet to have found my preferred occupation in the future,entering a JC would allow me more time to find one.I have scored a raw L1R5 score of 11 for my 'O' levels last year and have planned to enter TPJC next year.

With already 1 year wasted, I wouldn't want to spend more time retaking JC1 or the 'A'levels so I am prepared to work hard in order to excel. With the vast amount of time i have,i want to start preparing for the JC syllabus before enrolling in it. So I wish you could provide me your services. I live in Location X. Here are my o lvl scores for my respective subjects .English - B3 , A maths - A1 , E maths - A1 , pure physics - B3 , chemistry - A1 , Combined humanities(History + SS) - A1 , Chinese B - Passed. I plan to take H2 maths,chem,physics and also h1 econs for my 'A' levels. I would also like to ask about your tuition fee rates.

Thank you for taking time to read my email.


Student X



                    Thanks for your mail. Indeed it would be rather tough on you to make such a major transition, however if you have truly made up your mind about where to go from here, proceed ahead and don't look back. Chance favors the bold and brave. Given your reasonably good O level grades, I reckon the barriers of entry into a junior college wouldn't be much of an issue, though it is definitely recommended you consult the relevant admission departments on the necessary switching procedures involved.


                    I noticed you made mention of having previously taken Additional Maths in secondary school (and scoring a distinction for it), so pursuing H2 Maths wouldn't be problematic administratively speaking. However, be warned life isn't going to be a bed of roses as there is an enormous gap between the content/style of the H2 Maths and A Maths syllabi. You have to remain constantly motivated and cannot afford to feel discouraged for prolonged periods despite all the potential setbacks you shall possibly encounter during your learning journey. Hang in there regardless, and you will eventually see light at the end of the tunnel.


                    Bear in mind these days competition for places in the local universities is extremely fierce, so scoring well in Mathematics alone will not count for much. Inject sufficient time and effort into ensuring you become equally proficient in all other subjects. To my existing knowledge, H2 Chemistry in particular is becoming a great pain for a large number of students, so do keep a watchful eye on it and seek assistance the moment you feel you are slipping.


                     Should you wish to engage my tutoring services, please be advised my current rate is $----/hr. Feel free to discuss with me any other concerns you have, and I will try to address them to the best of my abilities. Good luck, and god bless.


Best Regards,

Mr Koh

Can an O level graduate give private tuition to Sec 3 and 4 students ?

Posted by White Group Mathematics on February 7, 2012 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I am waiting for my poly to start and currently thinking whether should i give private tuition to sec 3 and 4 people . The reason for me teaching sec 3 and 4 and not the lower grades people is because i have just graduated not long ago , so i am still quite familiar with all the syallbus in O level .

I have taught 2 friends as we study for our O level and they did quite well .Their MA got A1 , Combined science got A1 and additional Math got B3. In addition , i quite enjoy teaching others . So should i give private tuition since i am only an O level graduate without any experience?

I will only charge maybe $10-$20 per hour depending on the location. What do you think ?

I am very strong at math , A math , combined chem and phy . So i am thinking of giving private tuition for these subjects . My average score in sec school is 90 for A math , 85 for combined science and 93 for math. I am from XXX Sec School .

Student X

You sound very confident ( some may even feel you are cocky). Lots and lots and lots of people are strong in E and A maths, in case you aren't aware.Which in all honesty means you are actually quite ordinary. Still, you are rather brave to want to teach fresh out of secondary school.

Take note : When people wish to hire a tutor, it ain't just about knowing the subject (inside out) one intends to teach, it's also about the whole package-his/her academic credentials, overall report cards obtained at various national examination levels. Not to mention age and experience are important things to factor into consideration as well.

But if you really feel you got what it takes, go ahead. We all have to start from somewhere. Just please be truthful with your tutee when you can't solve something (do not simply teach the wrong stuff just to save face).

Good luck with getting students, and stay humble. Peace.

Best Regards,

Mr Koh

Too Late To Start Tuition Now?

Posted by White Group Mathematics on September 18, 2011 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi, i'm in XJC and i'm in JC2. Just happened to chance upon your website a few days back, and i just wanted to ask you, is it too late to request for tuition? i dropped from an A in promos to a C in common tests to an S in mid years (because of what i think is a sheer lack of practice), and my prelims are around the corner so i highly doubt that miracles can happen within such a short time. i have been practicing sporadically due to time constraints and the need to study my other subjects after my mid years, but somehow i just can't seem to consolidate and organize my thoughts when I'm doing a maths question (especially harder ones). Also, sometimes I don't really know where to start on a topic, cause the TYS is a start, but the questions are of varying difficulty and not all are asking on the same theories and equations in a topic. So yeah, just a thought, are you actually free/willing for tuition so late in the year? Thanks for reading through this!

Student  X  (through contact form)

Good Day ,


                           If it is any comfort, your situation is not unique; I have encountered and helped quite a few students who came to me at a very late stage in the past. Given that you have previously scored an A, I reckon your math ability isn't all that terrible, but I will reserve further judgment till I get the opportunity to assess you personally. That said, I am very busy currently, and to be fair to my other existing students, I will only consider arranging something contingent on certain conditions, which include you willing to devote time and extreme diligence towards resuscitating your math grades ( I won't wish to waste my time helping someone who is ambivalent about making necessary sacrifices to improve), as well as adhering to my tight timetable.

Also, you may wish to take note that my fees are $XXX/hr for late intakes, and I would strongly advise you to consult your parents and arrive at a decision quickly given time is not on your side.

You can also call me directly should you wish to discuss matters with me ( though an SMS first would be appreciated since I might be teaching). At this particular instance when I am drafting this, my door is still slightly open, but it won't remain so for long. Let me know again.


Best Regards,

Mr Koh


A Little Note: This exchange occured during the end of August 2011. This student was about to take his preliminary examinations then and I have since taken him under my wing.