Links To Websites of Friends

1. School Asia

    (Asian Learning/Teaching Technology Resources, Math/Science/English Lesson Plans)


2. Hawthorn WJEC and Further Mathematics Wiki Page

    (Further Mathematics Resource Site)


3. Revision World GCSE Maths Page

    Revision World A Level Maths Page 


4. Learning Made Simple 

    ( Secondary Level Maths And Science)


5. Physics Tuition

    (O and A Level Physics Resource Site)


6. Connect@KMTC (Mathematics Specialists)

    (O Level Mathematics Solved Problems Site)


7. GCE Study Buddy

    ( O Level A Maths, E Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English Resource Site)


8. Geography Revision

    ( Physical and Human Geography Resources)


9. MathsFiles

    ( Autograph and Excel software Implementation in Mathematics Learning)


10. Mathorama

    ( In-depth learning site for Trigonometry, Vectors, Pre-Calculus and Finance)


 11. Physics 24/7

     (Collection of solved Physics homework problems/quizzes catering to a wide range of topics)


12. Singapore A Level Geography Database

     (Repository of Geography related news, examination resources and advice on further studies)


13. Mathemazier

     (Collection of Maths Olympiad Problems, solutions to selected puzzles and Maths-related humor)


14. Singapore Maths Tuition

     (Comprehensive H2 Maths tuition blog with discussions on a multitude of interesting problems)


15. HegartyMaths

     (Collection of A Level and GCSE Maths video tutorials)


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